Workforce Development


Dear Friends,

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their efforts throughout the year. The success of Better Family is built on the efforts of our employees and in this past year, we have enjoyed many successes. 

Thank you for the __(dedication, loyalty, and commitment that each one of you has shown us. We’ve come through a year that was filled with both challenges and victories. How reassuring its been to know that we can count on all of you regardless of what faces us.

On behalf of Better Family Life’s Workforce , please allow me to extend my personal and genuine appreciation to each and every one you for your valuable contributions to this organization. Working with you this past year has been a pleasure and we’re proud to have you all with us. 

Thank you!

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Darryl Grimes
COO and Vice President of Workforce Development

“Their job training classes, GED classes, housing classes e.t.c great program for adults. You have to put half the effort for someone to help you better yourself and this is the place to start.”
— -Weda

Workforce Leadership


Our mission is to promote economic growth and stability by delivering and coordinating workforce services.

Workforce Programs


Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) 

Temporary Assistance (TA) recipients are required to immediately participate in employment and training activities once they are approved to receive benefits. TA benefits will be cut in half and then stopped if TA reciients do not participate in work activities. The Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program helps TA recipients become ready for a job, get real work experience, find employment, and keep a job. MWA services are provided through a partnership with the Family Support Division (FSD) and local community agencies in the community. TA recipients age 18 or older and teen parents under 18 are required* to participate in the MWA program. 

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Intergenerational Poverty Initiative 

Better Family Life, Inc. (BFL) has partnered with ARCHS to develop a comprehensive, customer friendly training and employment program to support low income residents living in the Promise Zone. Families with children currently receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits may participate in free training and employment services. The SkillUP program offers

SNAP recipients in Missouri the opportunity to gain skills, training or work experience. We offer an array of services including transportation assistance, work related expenses and childcare assistance. Our friendly approach will help participants successfully navigate career pathways, effective short term training and ultimately successful job placement and retention.


Call Center Representative Certification 

The Call Center Representative Certification course is designed to successfully train and develop customer service professionals. Students gain a full understanding of the Call Center Role and expectations. Course content includes soft skills, customer service skills, and computer skills and automated call simulation. Students learn how to achieve and sustain successful careers in call centers along with what it takes to excel in performance. 

Topics include Communication Skills, Telephony, Problem Resolution, Customer Satisfaction, Professionalism/Attendance, Career Paths, Interviewing Skills/Resume Preparation, Workplace Survival Skills/Ethics and Life Skills/Self Help. Students will take Pre/Post Assessments and a final Certification Examination. Upon successful completion, students will receive a NRF Customer Service and Sales Certification and will receive interview/placement opportunities. 

Better Family Life Business Center 


BFL's Business Startup Training 

The Economic Development services provided, within this department, help small business entrepreneurs with business development, planning, and access to capital through instruction and networking support. Once these businesses begin, they become resources for employment opportunities for many of clients coming through this department. Core program services are designed to promote business ownership as a life option and to address the needs of start-up and small business enterprise expansion. Components include: instruction in Business Plan Development, Marketing Principles and Strategies, Financial Management, Sales and Marketing, advocacy for Minority Women Business Enterprises and SBE certification, access to micro-enterprise loans and bonding resources for minority entrepreneurs. 

Our overall goal is to implement the Entrepreneurial Development to introduce our participants to and engage them in the St. Louis Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Our objective is to conduct 3, 12-week classes per site, per year for a minimum of 25 participants each. Each participant will receive a 1-hour, one on one, weekly Business Plan receive a 1-hour, one on one, development sessions and a 2-hour weekly Basic Business Session will be provided for the class. 

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Micro Business Loan 

The BFL Micro Lending Programs currently consists of two (2) loan funds. The first program is a partnership between BFL and the National Council of Jewish Woman (NJCW) Healing Hearts Bank. This loan fund provides budding low-income female entrepreneurs with microloans up to $500 as well as 1-year counseling with NJCW. Twelve (12) loans have been given in total, seven (7) have been paid back, three (3) outstanding and two (2) have been written off. These loans have been used to help our participant purchase basic business equipment, insurance, licenses fees, legal organization and commercial rental assistance. 

Carrollton Bank Microloan is contingent on 2 traits borrowers must satisfy, character and capacity. Character regards if they completed all the necessary steps to continue on a path of self-sufficiency i.e. participating in class, being on time, attending all meeting, and finishing program. Capacity is being the ability to pay the loans back with personal income or future earning as a business. There has been a total of six (6) borrower of the Carrolton Bank Microloan. 

Impact Stories


Shannon Mitchell 

Shannon is a mother of three. Shannon came to the BFL SkillUP program in September of 2018. It was during her interview with case management, we learned Shannon experienced a house fire. Shannon was referred to intensive services where she was able to find housing for her and her family. 

It was clear to staff that Shannon desired to advance her career as a Certified Medication Technician. Shannon came to us with experience as a Certified Nurse Assistance. Shannon not only attended class regularly she also worked nights to support her family. Shannon completed Career Readiness Training in October of 2018. Shannon also attended Daruby School and completed Certified Medication Technician certification. Daruby stated that Shannon was a star student upon completing her certification in December of 2018. Shannon is a strong testament of what active listening, critical thinking and conflict resolution skills can remedy with the intent to be successful. We were pleased to learn that our employment team was able to assist Shannon in obtaining a job with Ascension and started orientation January 29, 2019. 

Lestine Daniels 

Lestine is a mother of 4. Lestine came to the BFL SkillUP program in September of 2018. Lestine elected to stay home with her children until they became of school age. After several years of being at home Lestine found it difficult to reenter the workforce. Lestine had heard about Better Family Life and decided to attend our SkillUP orientation. It was during the orientation that she was happy to learn that we offered a Call Center training which she was interested in enrolling in. 

Lestine was an inspiration to many of our students in class. She was always very encouraging and possessed a wealth of knowledge. Lestine had worked in customer service previously shared her customer service experiences with the class. Lestine completed several hours of ACT WorkKeys Curriculum lessons which helped her to obtain her ACT WorkKeys NCRC. Once Lestine finished Career Readiness training she immediately enrolled in Call Center training to grow her expertise. During Call Center training, Better Family Life, offered computer training through New Horizons Training Center which included Microsoft Word and Excel. 

Currently Lestine is scheduled for a second interview with Family Support Division. 

Workforce Partners 




Missouri Family Services Department


Missouri Family Services Department

Urban League of Metropolitan Saint Louis

Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church